Soundfingers : 4 Reggae VST you need for Bob Marley’s music

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Would you like to produce reggae beats with a vintage sound worthy of coming out of Jamaica? Here is our best selections of Reggae VST made by Soundfingers.

Sounfingers is an audio plugin company specialized for the reggae music genre.

On its site, it offers you free and paid plugins of quality virtual reggae instruments and great effects to try only available via Kontakt.

1. Le Skank : Reggae Guitar VST(35$ USD)

The first audio plugin we present is a great virtual be guitar created by Soundfingers with many options.

It will surely be the perfect instrument for the base of your next reggae beat.

Features :

  • Filters
  • Tape Echo
  • Modern Delays
  • Reverb
  • Special FX
  • 1710 chord samples
  • 3 Velocity Layers
  • Midi Learn
  • Automation

Purchase Le Skank Guitar : here

2.BassTone : Reggae Bass VST(29$ USD)

Soundfingers offers a bass guitar ideal for your reggae beats worthy of the 70s.


  • Real Tube Amp
  • Filters
  • Chorus
  • Phaser

Purchase BassTone : here

3.Subass : Reggae Sub VST(Free)

What is a reggae without sub ? Well, Soundfingers has understood it well. Download the free reggae sub VST you need.


  • Saturation
  • 122 wave samples
  • Filters
  • LFO
  • Glide

Download Reggae Sub VST for free : here

4.Reggae FX : Dub Siren VST (Free)

Ideal for live Reggae sessions, Soundfingers offers as 4th audio plugin, an interesting Dub Siren FX VST to try.

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Features :

  • LFO
  • FX
  • Delay
  • Reverb

Try for free Dub Siren VST : here

Discover all Soundfingers VST collection : here

Bonus : Roots Reggae VST : All in one (120$ USD)

Reggae VSTs : everything you need for Bob Marley's music

Created by Ueberschall, Roots reggae VST is an all-in-one plugin including 21 kits with guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and more ready to be integrated into your studio workflow.

Features :

  • Real recorded drums.
  • Deep basslines
  • Slammin’ guitars.
  • Synths
  • Pads and organs
  • Real percussion
  • Piano and clavinet
  • FX and atmospheres

Download Roots Reggae VST : here

Our Audio Plugins for Reggae : Afrokeyz and Afroplugin (Free)

We have created 2 audio plugins VST ideal for reggae beats

Afrokeys VST synth with 40 instrument presets : download here

Afroplugin drum VST with 10 presets : download here

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