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About us

Afroplug is a Marketing and Culture platform for music producers linked to the culture of the African Diaspora.

This platform was created by Ms Mavy, an entrepreneur, music producer, artist and DJ, from Guadeloupe and Cameroon with a degree in marketing.

Being also a music producer and having been able to earn money independently and to become known little by little, allowed her to know the difficulties and the solutions to succeed as a music producer.

She will do her best to help you reach your goals with her superb team of experts in design and marketing, based all over the world.

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Our services for music producers

Web Design

We will create an attractive website that will surely and bring you potential customers for your beats and more.

Strategy Consulting

Our experience will allow you to have personally the best advices to optimize your producer's career.


From logo to creating designs to showcase your beats and more, we are here to assist you.

For any inquiries please email