Afro Keyz – Synth VST (Mac,Windows)

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Afrokeyz is a Synth VST (Mac,Windows) designed for making great african beats : Dancehall, R&B, Reggaeton, Lo-fi, Afrobeats and more.

Inspired by the best of today’s African diaspora Hit Songs, this Synth VST has everything you need to get you inspired and quickly produce high-quality beats.

Features :

  • Afro Keyz Lite : 6 Instrument Presets (Free Version)
  • Afro Keyz : 40 Instrument Presets (Pro Version)
  • Available for Mac & Windows (32-/64-bits)
  • Available for all DAWs

Discover below some beats made with Afro Keyz Synth Presets :



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Afrokeyz is a Synth VST (Mac,Windows) designed for making great african beats.

Inspired by the best of today’s African diaspora Hit Songs, this Synth VST has everything you need to get you inspired and quickly produce high-quality beats.

Features :

  • Afro Keyz Lite : 6 Instruments Presets  (Free Version)
  • Afro Keyz : 40 Instruments Presets (Pro Version)
  • Available for Mac & Windows (32-/64-bits)
  • Mac Installer included for MacOS Catalina and newer user (Paid Version Only)
  • Available for all DAWs

FX and Controls :

  • Reverb
  • ADSR
  • LFO Controls Rate and Depth
  • Glide
  • Pitch
  • Filter High-Low
  • Pan

40 Instruments :

  • Keys
  • Electronic Piano
  • Marimba
  • Kalimba
  • Pad
  • 808
  • Bass
  • Plucks

10 Music Genres :

  • R&B
  • Dancehall
  • Reggaeton
  • Afrobeats
  • Hip-Hop
  • Baile Funk
  • Lo-fi
  • Zouk Compas
  • Reggae
  • Nu Soul

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40 Instrument Presets, 6 Instruments Presets (Free Version)

160 reviews for Afro Keyz – Synth VST (Mac,Windows)

  1. Silvio


  2. Anonymous

    I followed the instruction, but I can’t install it in mac🥲I use Logic Pro X

  3. John D

    It is a fun VST which is always important when making listenable music.

  4. Fadi


  5. Anonymous

  6. Anonymous

  7. Eric

    Nice plugin. The sound library is still a bit limited, but it’s a good start !

  8. Clob

    Great sounding authentic plugin, well sampled. I would recommend

  9. joel

  10. serge

    Superbe plugin

  11. jp

    I can’t download the Mac file ?

  12. Anonymous

    free version very much limited

  13. Anonymous

  14. Fran

  15. curtis

  16. Jeff

    Great authentic sounds for todays Afrobeat inspired Chart Hits………

  17. Nigel

    Good sounds – useful.

  18. Antoine

    Simple and good sound

  19. Juan Carlos Delgado


  20. Arath

    The sounds they bring are really good, from the heart, I hope they continue to improve these vst’s.

  21. Abby

    great stuff!

  22. Anonymous

  23. Anonymous

    Sounds great.
    It’s easy to use and very nice.

  24. Joseph

    good plugin but could use more presets .

  25. Francklin

  26. kuma

    Sounds are fun.

  27. niko


  28. Razvan

    Very nice Karimba presets 😀

  29. y

  30. OscarStudio

  31. Anonymous

    really good , awesome!

  32. jamal

    Another great VST plugin by Afroplug.
    The Afro Keyz free version is good, but nothing comes close to its excellent pro version. It’s definitely a must have for any beat maker. And another thing, using Afro Keyz And AfroPlug Drum VST side by side is all you need to make amazing beats. 10/10

  33. Zib

    Nice synth ! I think i ´ll buy the complete version soon .
    Thx .

  34. Anonymous

    The presets on this plugin are so good. You dont get ear cancer like making sounds with fl keys

  35. Craig

    This has the ability to create so many familiar and unfamiliar sounds. The flexibility is wonderful, and the presets are also great to use right out of the box.

  36. Dietmar Holzberger

    for some productions i can use it

  37. Fer

    Muy bueno

  38. Ranganai

    Super dope makes you very creative

  39. Anonymous

    If afroplugin vst is anything to go by…Afro Keyz will be a very useful plugin!

  40. Dominik

    Unfortunately, AfroKeyz does’nt work with my FL Studio Version – but why? Nevertheless, four Stars, because AfroPlug earned more than five 🙂

  41. masayuki


  42. yuuki

  43. Lucas suarez

    The basic version have 6 preset only

  44. ben

    Thanks a million!

  45. Riley

  46. Anonymous

  47. Anonymous

    Afro Keyz plugin just awesome! been using it. its fun and offers so many different vibes.

  48. dl

    Already made 2 instrumentals. I love your plugin keep up the great work. And thanks again for the gift.

  49. Lewis

  50. Mateusz

    I have just checked the lite version. Very useful. Very straightforward.

  51. Liore

    Very easy to use and integrate into your favorite DAW, this keyboard contains great presets that I personally use in my afrobeat sounds !

  52. Hyeon-Seol

    I’m so happy to find a good virtual instrument. The interface is also simple and intuitive, making it easy to use and creating the sound I want.
    Afro Keyz is a very good Synth VST.

  53. Anonymous

    Great tool and easy to use. Nice sounds. So now thinking about some music to make with it

  54. Anonymous

    Great value for money. Hope there will be expansion packs.

  55. Malcolm

    Magnificent sound tool

  56. motsazi

    very nice sounds to make my music! Now it is nessecary!

  57. Steven

    Cannot go wrong with this added addition to studio setup.

  58. Cristian Del Rio


  59. Jo Pereira

    Pros-wonderfull sound quality. and aggangment.
    Cons- Would have been amazing if any option of simply dragging the midi of the beats in afro plugin to your daw.

  60. Jocael

    Great Synth!

  61. Anonymous

    Afro Keyz Lite offers a nice glimpse of the full version. 6 instrument presets to try some new music styles.

  62. Anonymous

  63. Nicolas

  64. Jared

    Nice free instrument..thank you!

  65. Tawanda

    Great plug-ins and good service.

  66. jinhyuk

  67. Daniel

    I saw this reviewed on YouTube and it immediately interested me because I have been looking for ethnic percussion vst’s.
    I bought the upgrade to Afrokeyz with the extra presets and I must say your products rock!

  68. shane

    Very impressed, simple and easy to use, sounds are great.

  69. Anonymous

  70. Anonymous

  71. Sebastián Buitrago

  72. Anonymous

  73. KevJ

  74. Rui Correia

    Afro Keyz vst, has a lot of potential, for those who compose African music, Reggaeton, Kizomba and much more, for now vst is free, it comes with 6 quality presets, you can manipulate the sounds in many ways, like most plugins free, you can’t manipulate the size of the vst, but everything is fine, certainly the paid version will be breathtaking!
    Many thanks to Afroplug for the opportunity they gave me to test Afro Keyz.
    Keep up the good work!

    Ruy C.

  75. Fevor Ebele

    Really satisfied with this vst. Speaking as an African from Nigeria. Love it

  76. Jose


  77. M

    A neat little go-to sound palette for composers !

  78. Ian

    The AfroKeyz synth is a remarkable sounding composer that can deliver thousands of smooth sounds and chords considering the relatively small sound bank. It contains beats that will attribute to various music styles and add that extra something. If the free version is this good I might just have to buy the full version. Great bit of kit.

  79. Anonymous


  80. Anonymous

    Maybe more sounds for the lite version

  81. a

  82. Frederick

    Not bad keep it up

  83. Maddy

    Thank you so much 🙂

  84. Mextech

    Really quality sounds, and cool sounds. Sparks inspiration

  85. Freddie Y.


  86. Carlos

  87. Shay

  88. Steven


    Yes Yes yes.

  90. ALIEU


  91. ALIEU

    cool vst

  92. Anonymous

  93. Daniele

    Really good sound quality!

  94. Anonymous

    Fun synth with interesting sounds

  95. Daniel

    I can’t get the plugin to work in Logic Pro

  96. Anonymous

    Great quality presets with a really user-friendly UI!

  97. Anonymous

  98. hyunwoo


  99. Erik Hjelte


  100. Tox Awoniyi

    Brilliant work! You guys have done a great job with this. I like the Afrobeat sample, lots of possibilities. Thanks again. Keep it up 👍🏾👊🏾

  101. Anonymous

  102. Anonymous

  103. Anonymous

    This VST packs a PUNCH!

  104. Tom

    Good for making 808s surprisingly

  105. fisher

  106. Domen

  107. Louis

    Great easy to use,quality gear.

  108. lakshay


  109. Mattias

    Great Product! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  110. Anonymous

  111. Lawson

    Awesome, I like this vst plugin, it what every cent paid for it.

  112. Turgay


  113. Robert

  114. Danilo Silva

  115. Ian

    ….another Afroplug excellent and fun to use plugin…..the samples I have produced are great so far if I do say so myself!….And best of all…its free!. Thanks Afroplug!

  116. MOHAMED

    Afro key I a great sounding instruments for every type of music, an it a must have instruments plug-in for every producer.

  117. Anonymous

    Nice plug, good idea

  118. Dbejui Beatz

    I love this plugin and my favorite preset is the kalimba.

  119. Erick Santamaria

    really like the plucks and pads, my first synth when doing reggaeton and afrobeats

  120. damian

    Great VST very good easy to use.

  121. hdy

    Glad to have this tool. The quality is good. I feel like I’m going to do beautiful things with it. Congratulations to the developers

  122. Christopher

    This plugin has all the tones needed to create afrobeats. I really like the marimbas

  123. Anonymous

  124. j

  125. Markese Spain

    Good samples to tweak and customize. Very reasonable for fresh new producers and those on a small budget. Highly recommend Afro Plug!

  126. Posh

    Damn This Plugin is Fire 🔥

  127. Luis Ramos

    It’s better than I thought, It’s fun to use and really nice to listen… All the presets área enjoyable and It just males the sound a lot better

  128. North2East

    It does what it’s created

  129. Raúl García Yagüe

  130. Raúl

  131. Steven Cain

  132. tierno

    I cannot download the plugin, there is still an error for the download

  133. Neil Bloomer

    Using it in Logic and it is a great input to Reggae and African tracks.

  134. arnold

    i want to be a producer

  135. arnold

    i want to be a producer like timbaland

  136. Andrew

  137. William

    Very good plugin

  138. Anonymous

  139. Immanuel Katoroli

    What a plug in, I’m so happy to have it, you guys are the best

  140. Anonymous

    Thank you so much

  141. aimran simmons

    To be honest you guys are crazy to give some of these quality instruments for free, the Afro Drum is awesome

  142. Km

    Good vst

  143. Anonymous

    If you need to be inspired
    It’s about exploring a limited number of instruments.
    With this little treasure chest.

  144. dfx

  145. Anonymous

    this a must have

  146. Anonymous

    Sorry not here to win anything… Just here to say … Keep up the good work… Bless to everyone who are part of afroplug

  147. Yahale

    El producto es único, la calidad es como ninguna. Felicidades.

  148. Jani

    i love you plugs!

  149. keoo

  150. Winston

    Dope synth

  151. Anonymous

    Nice marimba

  152. Elan-Marie

    really cool

  153. KENFACK MOMO Bernard

    It’s my favorite instrument now

  154. Анастасия

  155. hirnøslot

    Fun to use, simple but good sounding!

  156. aaron wilson

    Absolutely amazing free Synth. Blessings from AfroPlug

  157. Dodzi

    Very good

  158. suti

    I really Hope buy the full version soon !! Amazing and very useful !

  159. Raymundo

  160. Anonymous

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