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Free alternatives of Serum, Nexus and Omnisphere

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It’s great to have the best current VST synths in your DAW: Nexus, Omnisphere and Serum. But all this comes at a cost: here are the best free alternatives.

1. Surge

Free alternatives of Serum, Nexus and Omnisphere

Surge is a full-featured synth that allows you to make and tweak the beat you want. Its multiple presets and effects will make any producer happy: an essential to have in your DAW.

Features :

  • 2285 patches
  • 614 wavetables
  • 24 Effects
  • 12 LFO Units
  • 2 filters in 8 Units
  • 12 Versatile oscillators

Download Surge : here

2. Helm

Helm is one of my favorite synths : it offers new sounds that can complement the musical works of adventurous producers.

Features :

  • ADSR
  • White Noise
  • Oscillators
  • Filter
  • Stutter
  • Step Sequencer

Download Helm : here

3. Zebralette

Zebralette is the light version of the Zebra 2 synthesizer at $199. It offers pleasant features and presets that will surely delight you.

Features :

  • Stereo VCA
  • ADSR
  • 2 LFOS
  • 24 Spectral effects
  • Oscillator
  • Polyphonic
  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • EQ
  • Delay
Free alternatives of Serum, Nexus and Omnisphere

Download Zebralette : here

4. Vital

Vital is a free synth that will add color to your musical projects. These many attributes are not to be overlooked.

Download Vital : here

5. Afro Keyz Lite

Afro Keyz Lite is a free synth with 6 presets specialized for a specific type of beats : beats with afro tendency.

This makes it less of a generalist and less time consuming for the producer to find the ideal sound for this type of music production.

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The Pro version contains 40 presets ready to embellish your instrumentals.

Features :

  • ADSR
  • Pitch
  • LFO
  • Filters

Download Afro Keyz Lite : here

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