Amplifihub : #1 Beatstars Alternative in Africa [They are actually CLOSED ]

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As a music producer, you probably know the music marketplaces : Beatstars, Airbit and Traktrain. I have good news for you : if you are an African music producer, a platform has been created especially for you, called Amplifihub. This jewel contains 4 amazing features that we will see below

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What is Beatstars?

Beatstars is the world’s number one marketplace for selling beats. Most of the songs currently heard on the international radios are produced by producers belonging to the Beatstars community.

After Beatstars, there are other competing marketplaces:

  • Traktrain
  • Airbit

Amplifihub : Beatstars from Nigeria

Amplifihub, the #1 African Music Marketplace : Best Beatstars Alternative in Africa
Homepage of Amplifihub, an african music marketplace created by Nigerian audio engineers

Created by sound engineers from Nigeria and hit music producer Sarz, Amplifihub’s mission is to enable independent African producers to monetize their talent in music production via the Internet.It is a site in the same line as Airbit, Beatstars and Traktrain, specialized in African sounds.

Moreover, it is all in one because it proposes :

  • a beats store
  • a Music distributor for making royalties on streaming platforms : Spotify, Apple Music and more.
  • a library of African samples and acapellas

1st Feature : Beats Store

Amplifihub, the #1 African Music Marketplace : Best Beatstars Alternative in Africa

As in any classical music marketplace, Amplifihub’s main service is to allow producers to sell their beats for free in exchange for a percentage commission.

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2nd Features : Free Music Distribution on Streaming Platforms

Amplifihub’s music distribution service

This African music marketplace also offers free distribution of your beats (as albums of instrumentals for example) on streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple and more. All this is done, with detailed statistics, in exchange for keeping 50% of your royalties earned from your audio streams.

3rd Features : Beats Catalogue Storage

Amplifihub, the #1 African Music Marketplace : Best Beatstars Alternative in Africa
Beats Catalogue Storage

The third feature of Amplifihub is the possibility to store your beats in their site. This will allow you to :

  • secure your beats, especially those not yet released, so that they remain private
  • work with other producers or artists online

4th Features : Samples Library

Amplifihub, the #1 African Music Marketplace : Best Beatstars Alternative in Africa
Amplifihub : African Samples Library

Amplifihub also offers Samples loops packs, MIDI files and more for your African beats.

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