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Tape Cassette 2 : free lo-fi effect VST you need

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You want the best free lo-fi effects all in one ? : Tape Cassette 2. Check out our favorite lo-fi Chilled Cow plugin besides Izotope Vinyl.

Created by Caelum Audio, the second reissue of Tape Cassette 2 has completely seduced us : the perfect vintage emulation of an old cassette, ideal for your melodies and drums.

Differentiating itself from the excellent Izotope Vinyl, it is a must try for any fan of the RC-20 Retro Color and other Lo-Fi VST plugins.

Features :

  • Real Sampled Noise
  • Low Pass
  • Dynamic Saturation
  • Wow & Flutter FX
  • Oversampling
  • Autogain

Download for Free Tape Cassette 2 : here

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