Sonic Zest Kora : Kora VST instrument for African beats

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Would you like to add some Kora in your beats, one of the most beautiful instruments offered by the African continent? Here’s a Kora VST

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What is a Kora instrument?

The kora is a stringed musical instrument originating from Mali and found throughout West Africa.

According to legend, the first kora was the personal instrument of a female genie who lived in the caves of Missirikoro in Mali. Impressed and moved by the music of the instrument, a great warlord, Tiramakhan Traore, decided to dispossess the female genie. With the help of his hunting companions, Waly Kelendjan and Djelimaly OulĂ© DiabatĂ©, he recovered the instrument, which fell to Djelimaly, the group’s griot. Djelimaly transmitted it to his son Kamba. And so it passed from father to son until Tilimaghan DiabatĂ© who introduced it to Mali.

Kora VST : Sonic Zest

Sonic Zest Kora : Kora VST instrument for African beats

The audio company Sonic Zest, has created a Kora VST, using real instruments from Mali.

Features :

  • Harmonics 
  • Slow Tremolo 
  • Fast Tremolo 
  • Staccato 
  • Glissando 
  • Trills 

Download Kora VST : here

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