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Izotope vinyl : the free AU / VST lofi plugin similar to J Dilla's sound

Credits : Kevin Mc Cutcheon via Unsplash

Izotope Vinyl : Free Hip-Hop Lo-Fi VST similar to J Dilla

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Izotope is a renowned brand in everything related to technology at the service of music production.Whether it’s an all-in-one mastering plugin, such as Ozone 9 or the efficient Izotope RX8, you can’t beat this brand.They have currently improved, as we will see below, their famous free lo-fi plugin for MAC and PC : Izotope vinyl.

Izotope vinyl : 2020 version

  • Plugins format : AAX (64–bit), AU, VST2, VST3
  • Low CPU usage
  • Available for all DAWs : Logic Pro X, FL Studio,Ableton, Cubase, Reason…
  • 6 Vinyl effects presets : 1930, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 2000
  • Lo-fi effect button

Download Izotope Vinyl : here

Read more informations about this Hip-Hop Lo-Fi plugin on Izotope Site : here

Hip-Hop lo-fi : A trending music genre

With all these features, this is a plugin which already by its old version was superb efficient but this update allows to add a better old-school lo-fi effect on hip-hop beats close to the music productions of the legendary Hip-Hop lo-fi precursor producer, J Dilla. Besides, if you are also a fan of the reference producer, Nujabes, you will also be served. even more efficiently.

Made famous and popular thanks to Youtube channels such as Chilled Cow or by artists such as Tyler the Creator, this is a genre with millions of fans. On Spotify, you can see lo-fi music producers on many playlists with millions of streams, yet having only 200 followers on instagram and none on Google: talent wins.

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J Dilla Instrumentals Playlist

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Izotope vinyl effect on an Hip-Hop beat : Before and After


1st version on Izotope Vinyl

2nd version of Izotope vinyl

Izotope Vinyl - 2nd version

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