Vanyfox’s interview, Angolan music producer : Afrobeats music to future

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Do you need some inspiration by listening to the original Afrobeats producer’s journey? Discover today, Vanyfox, an African music producer of Angolan origin.

Introduce yourself in one sentence

I was born in Lisbon, I’m 21 years old and I’m a DJ and beatmaker. My real name is Paulo but I decided to be ” Vanyfox “as my artistic name.

I started making music in 2013 as : Kuduro, Afro and kizomba,Tarraxo. In the genre of underground and African percussion from Lisbon and in 2014 I moved to France (Reims).

Tell us what you know about the birth of the afrobaile movement and your origins ?

I know AfroBaile via soundcloud, like: Jaca, JLZ, VHOOR. I make AfroBaile, I have my creativity that mixes the base of afro ghetto, underground percussion (coming from Lisbon) with electro melodies and elements of kuduro, and I try to bring this fruit here in Reims. I’m versatile in what I do. Today I can do trap beat as tomorrow I can do tarraxo. I don’t have a set style but of course I do more dance and tarraxo style.

What are your artistic favorites?

Nipsey Hussle, Sango, Kaytranada, ESTA, IAMNOBODI, Bryson Tiller, Lycox and NiggaFox, after that I have a lot of inspirations but I won’t put everything here ahaha. I hear a bit of everything, so I have several artists that influence me a lot, it’s hard to have favorites!

We saw that you come from Reims, the city where I was born, that’s great! What is your best memory in Reims?

I was meeting my friend who was in my high school class, we hadn’t seen each other for 3 years. for the rest it was all chaos, I travel more to Lisbon, Paris etc.

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What do you think of the future afro and baile beats movement that we see on Soundcloud ?

I think it’s amazing how they created FUTURE BEATS because I’m a fan of futuristic melodies, it makes me travel and take me to places I’ve never been, I appreciate it a lot because I’m also a fan of Hip Hop, of course… mainly from the OLD SCHOOL. every day is a new creativity so I can say that FUTURE BEATS is a style that should have appeared before because it is fantastic!!!

The Baile is the same, this style already existed but nobody mastered it better than The Father (Sango). Sango was the one who created the Baile and it was the best thing he did and nowadays many producers have started to do this style too.

Afro has arrived all over the world, it’s very good because a lot of people didn’t appreciate Afro and now they mix and create their references and I like to see creative things.

How is the afro movement in Reims?

There is no afro, Baile and FUTUREBEATS here in Reims. they are more used to hear commercial sounds and the movement here is low even though I am more used to playing outside and going to places where there is more movement in the music, the culture here is different and I am not used to anything ahahahahahahah

What are your future projects ?

Work more on my creativity, make great collaborations with artists that I like to listen to the most. have good projects for the future. and continue to be myself… I think that’s all I can say for now, because every day is a new day ahaha

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Thanks Vanyfox!

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