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Soundtrap, Soundation & Bandlab : Which Free DAW to try?

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Even if paid DAWs (Digital Audio Work Station) are still very present, 3 free DAWs also have their place in the hearts of music producers : Soundtrap, owned by Spotify and its colleague, Soundation and Bandlab. Make your choice.

Soundtrap : Spotify’s property

Even there are main DAWs are still very present (Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, Cubase and more), Soundtrap, acquired by streaming giant Spotify, is also the darling of some in the music production community : producers, musicians, singers.

At affordable prices, Soundtrap offers a complete DAW with amazing resources, packs of loops, presets and samples that will delight any musician. Being a Spotify property, of course the focus has been on providing facilities for podcasters on this free platform.

Paid versions of Soundtrap are also available.

Features :

  • Patterns Beatmaker
  • 430 Instruments & Sounds
  • 150K Sounds Effects
  • 4000 Loops & Presets
  • Automation
  • For Singers & Podcasters : Autotune & Amplifier
  • Web & Android, IOS App

Try for free Soundtrap : here

Soundation : Quality DAW

In the same vein as Soundtrap, Soundation is a free DAW offering over 700 Samples and Loops, instruments with effects. It is also possible to collaborate with other live music producers. In addition, Soundation offers cool tutorials to improve your musical skills and also a possibility to increase the fluidity of the DAW with a Soundation extension with Google Chrome.

Features :

  • 700 Royalty free loops
  • 5 Virtual Synthesizers
  • 4 Sample Players
  • 14 Real Time Effects
  • Automation
  • Soundation Google Chrome Studio

Try for free Soundation : here

Bandlab : Free forever DAW

The must-have Bandlab has it all : it’s not just a DAW, and it’s free forever according to their slogan. Indeed, it is the asset for any music producer, singer, musicians on a budget : it offers a DAW, loops & Samples, instruments, mastering, tutorials, a quality community.

Features :

  • Daw
  • Loops & Samples
  • Instruments
  • Unlimited projects
  • Mastering
  • Music Distribution
  • Social Musicians community
  • Web & Android, IOS app

Try Bandlab for free : here

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