Vinil Izotope: Hip-Hop Lo-Fi VST grátis semelhante ao J Dilla

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Izotope is a renowned brand in everything related to technology at the service of music production.Whether it’s an all-in-one mastering plugin, such as Ozone 9 or the efficient Izotope RX8, you can’t beat this brand.They have currently improved, as we will see below, their famous free lo-fi plugin for MAC and PC : Izotope vinyl

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First, What is Hip-Hop Lo fi?

Lo-fi hip hop or Chillhop is a form of downtempo that combines elements of hip hop and chill-out music. It was popularized in the 2010s on YouTube and became an internet meme.

In 2013, YouTube began allowing live streams, resulting in the creation of 24-hour “radio stations” dedicated to microgenres such as Vaporwave, an offshoot of chillwave. Spotify contributed to the growth of lo-fi by creating playlists, such as “Chill Hits” and “Bedroom Pop,” and promoting “chill pop” artists.

In 2017, a form of downtempo music, labeled “chillhop” or “lo-fi hip hop,” became popular among YouTube music streamers. By 2018, several of these channels had millions of followers. One DJ, Ryan Celsius, proposed that they were inspired by a nostalgia for the commercials used by Toonami and Adult Swim in the 2000s, and that this “created a crossover between people who enjoyed both anime and hip hop music.

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These channels also functioned as chat rooms, with participants often discussing their personal struggles. By 2018, Spotify’s “Chill Hits” playlist had 5.4 million listeners and had been growing rapidly.

Nujabes and J Dilla have been referred to as the “godfathers of Lo-Fi Hip Hop.” Vice contributor Luke Winkie has credited YouTube channel Lofi Girl (formerly known as “ChilledCow”) as “the person who first introduced a studious anime girl as part of his presentation, who laid the aesthetic foundation for the rest of the people operating in the genre” and suggested that “if there is a shared reference for lo-fi hip-hop, it’s probably MF Doom and Madlib’s Madvillainy album. “

Vinil Izotope: versão 2020

  • Formato de plug-ins: AAX (64 bits), AU, VST2, VST3
  • Baixo uso de CPU
  • Disponível para todos os DAWs: Logic Pro X, FL Studio, Ableton, Cubase, Reason ...
  • 6 Predefinições de efeitos de vinil: 1930, 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 2000
  • Botão de efeito Lo-fi

With all these features, this is a plugin which already by its old version was superb efficient but this update allows to add a better old-school lo-fi effect on hip-hop beats close to the music productions of the legendary Hip-Hop lo-fi precursor producer, J Dilla. Besides, if you are also a fan of the reference producer, Nujabes, you will also be served. even more efficienty.

Tornado famoso e popular graças aos canais do Youtube como Chilled Cow ou por artistas como Tyler the Creator, este é um gênero com milhões de fãs. No Spotify, você pode ver produtores de música lo-fi em muitas playlists com milhões de streams, mas tendo apenas 200 seguidores no Instagram e nenhum no Google: talentos vencedores.

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Baixe Izotope Vinyl: aqui

Leia mais informações sobre este plugin Hip-Hop Lo-Fi no site Izotope : aqui

Lista de reprodução de instrumentais de J Dilla

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1ª versão em vinil Izotope

2ª versão do vinil Izotope

Izotope Vinyl - 2ª versão

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