Creepy Piano VST : Free UK/NY Drill VST 2022 for Melodies

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Ready to make a killer UK Drill or NY Drill beat? The free VST Creepy piano will allow you to produce the drill melody of your dreams and pay the best tribute to Pop Smoke

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Where does the Drill Music come from?

The Drill, is a variant of American hip-hop, born in 2010 in the USA, in Chicago.The mainstream pioneers are : Chief Keef, Lil Durk and many others. Since then, variants of the Drill were born : the UK Drill and the NY Drill. It is the emergence of new talents such as Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign , Russ, Tion Wayne and others.

Drill music ( sometimes described as Drill scene, Drill-hop, or Grime) is most important contemporary facets of the Chicago hip-hop scene. Drill is characterized by lyrics with disturbing, shocking, or even irreproachable audiovisual content with an irregular rhythm (808, hi-hat, etc…)

Popularized locally in Chicago, drill rappers attract media attention for their violent lyrics, and the scene is subsequently associated with crimes committed in Chicago.Drill lyrics diverge sharply from those of early Chicago rappers like Common and Twista, who lean more toward conscious rap and popular contemporary hip-hop, which at the time of drill’s rise would seem to glorify and celebrate a gain in wealth.

Creepy Piano VST : The Free Drill VST

Electronik Sound lab offers us a free dark sounding Piano VST ideal for NY or UK Drill. These features are undeniable.

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  • 22 Presets
  • ADSR
  • Filters
  • Reverb

Try for free Creepy Piano VST : here

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