Free 80s VSTs : Breathtaking Vintage Synths and Drums emulation

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From the Zouk of the 80’s (Kassav), to the Afro-American music of the Jackson Five, or the Pop R&B beats of Whitney Houston: find in this article, the best free VST emulations available to reproduce this kind of music.

Kawai K1 VS Nils K1V

Developer Nils Schneider has admirably recreated Kawai’s famous K1 synth with over 1000 built-in presets. If you liked this VST, a donation button is integrated to it to thank them for their work.

Download Free Emulation Kawai K1 : here

Minimoog VS Model-E

Flagship synthesizer of the 80s, Minimoog can be found in many Disco songs. Indeed, it is used in a song of the legendary Afro-American singer Donna Summer.

Download the Free Emulation Minimoog : here

Obeirheim OB-X VS OB-XD

The Obeirheim OB-X is my favorite R&B synth. Efficient and delivering a unique addictive sound, it’s a must-have to have in your synth collection.

Download Free emulation Obeirheim OB-X : here

Roland Juno-60 and JX8P VS TAL NO-62 and PG-8X

Being a fan of analog versions of Roland’s legendary synthesizers, I can tell you that these emulations are perfect! Feel free to download it.

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Download Free Emulation Roland Juno 60 : here

Download Fre Emulation Roland JX-8P : here

And if you’re a fan of the excellent paid Emulation of Roland Juno 60, Tal-U-NO-LX V2 : get our carefully selected presets for 80s beats, Funk, R&B and more.

Yamaha DX7 VS Dexed and CS01 VS Hahaha CS01

Who never wanted to try the famous Yamaha DX 7 and the bass used especially in the Zouk of the 80’s, the Yamaha CS01: it’s possible and…it’s free!

Download Free Emulation Yamaha DX7 : here

Dowloand Free Emulation Yamaha CS01 (Windows only) : here

Djinndrum VS Linndrum

The Lindrumm is often used in Vaporwave, Synthwave and more precisely nowadays in The Weeknd’s tracks : it’s a VST to try!

Download Free Emulation Linndrum : here

Roland Drums TR 606,808,909

These classics are no longer to be presented!

808 emulation : here

606 emulation : here

909 emulation : here

Realistic MG-1 VS Surrealistic MG-1 Plus

MG1 Plus Analogue Synthesizer by Moog for Radio Shack (1981)
Surrealistic MG1 Plus Synthesizer VST by Cherry Audio

For lovers of Moogs synths, Cherry audio offers a freebie not to be overlooked: a nice reproduction of the Surrealistic MG1 Plus with 130 presets that are sure to embellish your musical compositions.

Download Free Emulation MG1 Plus by Moog : here

What’s is your favorite vintage synth? Tell us everything in comments section.We look forward to hearing from you!

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