Free Images Websites for your Beats covers

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As a producer, you surely know the importance of visuals. And your beats must be best represented to your potential listeners : you never know who’s listening and who will be the winning beat that will bring you success. Maximize your chances by using one of the free sites recommended below.


Free Images Websites : Upload Beats on Youtube and Instagram

One of my favorites, Unsplash allows you to have high quality images in all types of domains. It’s up to you to only credit the creators of the pictures you have chosen.

Discover Unsplash : here


Free Images Websites : Upload Beats on Youtube and Instagram

Pexels, in the same vein as Unsplash, offers images and also royalty-free videos of excellent quality: ideal for showcasing your music productions.

The particularity of Pexels is that the contents offered are very alternative and very artistic, as if the photos were personalized and made for you. It doesn’t look like a big audience. Which is still an added value to represent your art for free.

Discover Pexels : here


Free Images Websites : Upload Beats on Youtube and Instagram

Created by e-commerce giant Shopify, Burst is a treasure trove of royalty-free photos. The only drawback is that compared to its competitors, its library is very limited, but it remains a must-have.

Discover Burst : here


Free Images Websites : Upload Beats on Youtube and Instagram

Reference site, Pixabay is the first site of this type that I have known. Even if it is not my first choice, when I look for a royalty-free photo, if I look hard enough, visual nuggets are hidden there.

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Discover Pixabay : here

Free Online Photo Editors

Now that you’ve chosen the photo, you have two choices : either publish it like this or personalize it. For this, there are either Photoshop that I love or several free online solutions as you can see below.


You can create your cover artwork quickly and efficiently with Canva : your beat is now ready to be released.


This lesser known pearl is my favorite. In addition to allowing you to make your cover online, BeFunky allows you to add effects such as grain on your photo and more to discover : I’m a fan!

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