Lamont Graves : Better music contracts for free

Lamont Graves : Increase your Music Producer Royalties for free

Hard to protect yourself in the music industry when you are a producer, isn’t it? Lamont Graves : your best advisor to get you through it Who is Lamont Graves? Lamont Graves is a music entrepreneur and music industry consultant.…

12 Youtube producers : African, Caribbean and Latin tutorials

Music Producers Youtubers for African and Caribbean beats tutorials

Ready to improve your Afro, Caribbean or Latin music production skills? Follow these Youtube channels right now Afrobeats & Amapiano tutorials O.Y Productions Nigerian producer and youtuber, O.Y productions will offer you on his channel many Afrobeats tutorials on Logic…

Music Marketing : Veshbeats, producer youtuber

Music producer Marketing : Veshbeats, a nigerian producer youtuber interview

Veshbeats is a nigerian producer youtuber who will share with you some marketing techniques, precisely branding skills, in order to go like him from 3000 followers to 11 000 followers on Youtube in only 2 years. This interview is from…

Top free ultimate marketing tools for music producers

Music Producer Marketing : Free marketing tools for producers

As a Marketing graduate and producer, I would like to share with you my secret marketing tools that have helped me increase my beats sales and music contacts. Here is a list of free marketing tools to improve your music…

Amplifihub : #1 free Beatstars Alternative in Africa

Amplifihub, the #1African Music Marketplace : Best Beatstars Alternative in Africa

As a music producer, you probably know the music marketplaces : Beatstars, Airbit and Traktrain. I have good news for you : if you are an African music producer, a platform has been created especially for you, called Amplifihub. This…

Top online mastering tools : Master your songs for free

Free Online Mastering Softwares for Music producers

Your beat is finished, mixed but you don’t have the final touch to release it? No worries. Free online Audio Mastering algorithms will do the trick. First, before we get to the heart of the article, let’s talk about Landr,…

Unlimited free stock pictures for your next album covers

Unlimited free stock pictures for your next album covers

As a musician, you surely know the importance of visuals. And your songs must be best represented to your potential listeners : you never know who’s listening and who will be the winning beat that will bring you success. Maximize…

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