(Free) Abstract Vox VST : Best Output Arcade Alternative

(Free) Abstract Vox VST : Best Output Arcade Alternative

Abstract Vox is a great alternative to Output Arcade : a free VST that contains 61 voice presets with effects, easy to integrate into your music productions. Nice, isn’t it? We know that Arcade Output is a virtual multi-instrument that…

Afro Keyz : Free synth VST plugin for african beats

Afro Keyz - Synth Drum VST Plugin for African Beats

Inspired by the best of today’s African diaspora Hit Songs, this Synth VST has everything you need to get you inspired and quickly produce high-quality beats. Features Afro Keyz Lite : 6 Instrument Presets (Free Version) Afro Keyz : 40…

Free alternatives of Serum, Nexus and Omnisphere

Free alternatives of Serum, Nexus and Omnisphere

It’s great to have the best current VST synths in your DAW: Nexus, Omnisphere and Serum. But all this comes at a cost: here are the best free alternatives. 1. Surge Surge is a full-featured synth that allows you to…

Izotope Vinyl : Free Hip-Hop Lo-Fi VST similar to J Dilla

Izotope vinyl : the free AU / VST lofi plugin similar to J Dilla's sound

Izotope is a renowned brand in everything related to technology at the service of music production.Whether it’s an all-in-one mastering plugin, such as Ozone 9 or the efficient Izotope RX8, you can’t beat this brand.They have currently improved, as we…

DSK : Free Saxophone plugin VST ideal for Afrobeats

DSK : Free Saxophone plugin AU,VST ideal for making afrobeats

With a fantastic sound for a saxophone imitation, DSK saxophone is the ideal ingredient to humanize your afrobeats with elegance. To add a final touch, with a bit of reverb, DSK saxophones is perfect for your Afrobeats in similar to…

African beats : 7 best free plugins VST websites

Best free plugins websites for african beats

The budget is a bit.. tight but you would still like to have the best for your music productions? You just want to complete your nice plugins collections to renew yourself ? I understand. Whether it’s 64 bit or 32…

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