African beats : 7 best free plugins VST websites

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The budget is a bit.. tight but you would still like to have the best for your music productions? You just want to complete your nice plugins collections to renew yourself ? I understand. Whether it’s 64 bit or 32 bits, here are the best websites for download excellent plugins VST (Mac,Windows) for your african beats.

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1. Freevsts

Recently discovered, this site is amazing. Less known than its competitors, it nevertheless offers lists and reviews of free plugins different from the others. Find the rare pearl of plugins on this site and have fun!

Discover freevsts : here


With almost 1 million hits per month, vst4free is a reference for any music producer : a must-have. Even if I find that the interface is a bit messy, when you take your time to search, you don’t come out of it at all disappointed. In the other hand, if you’re a Macbook pro user like me, you’ll find less your AU plugin account than PC users : most of the plugins offered are only for Windows.

Discover vst4free : here

3. Vst4planet

Similar to Vst4free, this site is a rare gem! It stands out with 2 things : they offer a nice Facebook group to join and regular demos Youtube videos of each VST plugin available on the site!

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Discover Vst4planet : here

4. Audiopluginsforfree

Audiopluginsforfree is my favorite freebies site : it is complete!T he plugins are arranged according to 3 relevant types : Mac, Windows and Linux.

Discover Audiopluginsforfree : here

5. Bedroomproducersblog

A reference recognized by all, Bedroomproducers and the allied blog of any beginner or professional music producer. They are also developers of plugins such as : Cassette Drums and a Bitcrusher plugin.Their youtube channel is superb! They regularly publish demos of free plugins, ideal to get a preview before downloading them. Indeed, most of us know that it is essential to select the plugins we use, in order not to clutter up the DAW’s CPU.

Discover Bedroomproducersblog : here

6. Plugin boutique

With more than 1 million visits per month, Plugin Boutique is a platform offering the best free plugins for Mac and PC on the market and also the best paid plugins at competitive prices. The little extra of Plugin Boutique is, in my opinion, the fact that the plugins are very well arranged and a section is dedicated to special AU or special VST plugins : it’s easier to quickly find what you need for your beats.

Discover Plugin boutique : here

7. KVR audio

KVR audio is a great e-commerce site of plugins and also offers the elite of free plugins.

Discover KVR audio : here

In conclusion, whether it’s for synths to embellish dancehall or afro beats, or vintage organs to make r&b beats and more… everything is above and… for free!

What is your favorite free plugin site? Share it with us in the comments!

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