Best R&B and Trap Soul VST plugins for producers

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Dear R&B, Trap and Soul Producer : here are the free and paid VSTs that will allow you to quickly and qualitatively produce the beat of your dreams for SZA, Drake, Summer Walker or Bryson Tiller.

1.Trap Iota Mini by Angelic Vibes (Free)

Trap Iota Mini is the free all in one plugin to make urban music and of course trap:

  • Piano
  • Keys
  • Drums
  • 808
  • ADSR and more…!

A quality must-have for your home.

Trap Iota Mini : here

2. Trap Soul VST by Infinit Essentials (5$)

In the same spirit as Trap Iota Mini, Trap Soul VST is a more complete VST for R&B Trap Soul productions. However, this plugin is really more directed to beats for Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez.

Trap Soul VST : here

3. Signature R&B by Produce RNB (79$)

Signature R&B is a really neat plugin ideal for R&B.

It is possible to get it with a regular subscription that allows you to receive regular packs of free loops and lots of other nice things.

It contains more than the plugins below:

  • a chord generator
  • a drag and drop for MIDI files
  • the Reverse effect
  • breathtaking Filters
    and… more!

Signature R&B : here

4. Afroplugin by Afroplug (Free)

Latin Music : Best Latin VST Plugins (Free and Paid) - Free Reggaeton VST - Afroplug

If you like 90’s R&B : Aaliyah, Usher, SWV, Xscape and more… we have created a free drum plugin to realize this kin.d of rhythm

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Afroplugin : here

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