November 2020 - Afroplug

Izotope Vinyl : Free Hip-Hop Lo-Fi VST similar to J Dilla

Izotope vinyl : the free AU / VST lofi plugin similar to J Dilla's sound

Izotope is a renowned brand in everything related to technology at the service of music production.Whether it’s an all-in-one mastering plugin, such as Ozone 9 or the efficient Izotope RX8, you can’t beat this brand.They have currently improved, as we…

DSK : Free Saxophone plugin VST ideal for Afrobeats

DSK : Free Saxophone plugin AU,VST ideal for making afrobeats

With a fantastic sound for a saxophone imitation, DSK saxophone is the ideal ingredient to humanize your afrobeats with elegance. To add a final touch, with a bit of reverb, DSK saxophones is perfect for your Afrobeats in similar to…

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